2016 Year-End Awards

A special thanks to all who have taken the time to stop in and read a post or two, or more here at perpetualkinetics.com this year.

I thought I’d end the year by handing out some awards.  Well, I actually won’t be handing anything out, because that costs money, and I don’t have any extra laying around to make exquisite golden trophies.  So, in place of that, I will hand out the First Annual? Winnies in honour of my cat.  It’s as good a name as any right?

Without further delay, I present to you, the First Annual Winnies, brought to you by perpetualkinetics.com.


Event of the Year Winnie:

This category is only open to events I actually participated in.  There are two contenders here, my first triathlon, Guelph Lake 1 and the Road2Hope Hamilton Marathon.  Both were very well organized and great events.

I was proud to complete my first triathlon, but I’m going to have to give the award to the Hamilton Marathon as I was able to attain a long awaited personal best.

Registration: Guelph Lake 1, Road2Hope

Runner of the Year Winnie:

No shortage of contenders here in an Olympic year.

In the end, it is hard to argue with Usain Bolt performing once again on the largest stage there is.

Triathlete of the Year Winnie:

Many worthy contenders in this category.  You have to of course begin any conversations with the winners in Kona: Jan Frodeno and Daniela Ryf.

Other notables are the gold medalists from Rio, Gwen Jorgensen and Alistair Brownlee.  And of course, the record setting performance of Lionel Sanders cannot be ignored either.

This was the toughest selection, but after consulting others (my wife) and thinking about it on my run today, I’ve settled on Lionel Sanders.  Hard to argue with a world record performance, and hey, as any smart husband knows, you should always listen to your wife.

Sports TV Show of the Year Winnie:

This is easy, and will probably win the award every year.  There is not a more well produced or inspiring show than the Ironman World Championships documentary which airs on NBC every year (even if my local NBC affiliate always airs an infomercial in its place and I have to find it on my own online).

Shoe of the Year Winnie:

The New Balance Vazee Pace is my shoe of the year.  I have never had a shoe feel more comfortable the first time it was on my feet.  I logged a lot of kms in these light-weight beauties this year, and had them on my feet when I notched a marathon personal best this year.

Blogger of the Year Winnie:

Check out FueledbyLolz.  My choice for the blogger of the year.

That Was Cool Moment of the Year Winnie:

Mirinda Carfrae tweeted that one of my runs was a “solid run.” Enough said.